All Creatures

BY CHRISTINE MATHER Being the witness to a pure act of creation — a time when something new to the artistic [...]

Donald Woodman

BY MARY ANNE REDDING In many ways photographer Donald Woodman is one of the stereotypical free spirits who [...]

Judy Chicago

BY KATHRYN M DAVIS Few women in recent history have midwifed their own second birth as has Judy Chicago, [...]

Cody Hartley

BY LAURA ADDISON On a bright day in January, Museum of International Folk Art curator Laura Addison sat down [...]

Child’s Play

BY PENELOPE HUNTER-STIEBEL Sometimes simplicity captures a child’s imagination more effectively than does [...]

Poetics of Light

BY KATE NELSON In an age when every cell phone can take a respectable picture, cameras as low-tech as an [...]
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