Fall 2013

Woodrow Ruin

BY JAKOB WILLIAM SEDIG Since 1971 the Museum of New Mexico (MNM) has owned one of the largest and [...]

Preservation Matters

BY SHELLEY THOMPSON In this issue of El Palacio, we present articles exploring archaeology, conservation, and [...]

Cultural Connections:

BY VALERIE K. VERZUH The Diné baskets generally known as “wedding baskets” are actually woven for use in [...]

Woven Identities

By Valerie K Verzuh North American Indian baskets are cultural histories—documents of the aesthetics, [...]

Archaeology of a Desk

BY DANIEL KOSHAREK The final gleanings of Kenneth Chapman’s life as an archaeologist and artist arrived in [...]

The Long Road Home

BY FRANCES LEVINE I am dirty, ragged and sunburnt, but of best cheer. My life’s work has begun at last. — [...]

Guilty Boxes

BY DODY FUGATE When I was very young my family and I used to travel from down south to visit a park in [...]