Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

A Diné Horizon

By Dr. Michelle J. Lanteri A horizon connects multiple planes of existence by way of light, and experiencing [...]

Full Circle

By Kim Suina MelwaniPhotographs by Tira Howard When I was young, my family had a subscription to National [...]

Evoking Empowerment

By Lillia McEnaney As visitors enter the Arts section of the Here, Now and Always at the Museum of Indian [...]

Clay Community

By Almah LaVon Rice Their heads are tilted back, casting praise skyward. Eyes closed to everything but [...]

Collecting Culture

By Ross Altshuler In 1932, Dr. Harry Percival Mera (1875-1951), curator at the Laboratory of Anthropology, [...]

Story Tellers in Glass

By Dr. Letitia Chambers Clearly Indigenous: Native Visions Reimagined in Glass is a groundbreaking exhibition [...]

The Captive

BY PAUL ANDREW HUTTON The Mexican soldiers came late in the Spring of 1855. The people saw them in the [...]
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