Editor’s Letter

All My Friends

By Charlotte Jusinski A few months ago, I was perusing the upcoming exhibitions calendar at the Harwood [...]

Not So Niche

By Charlotte Jusinski In a recent email to a colleague, I found myself describing El Palacio as a “niche” [...]

First-Person, Plural

By Charlotte Jusinski Perhaps one of the most damaging “rules” of writing taught to us as children is [...]

Gee! Haw!

By Charlotte Jusinski Kids enamored of books and words often want to grow up to be writers, and I was one of [...]

Like Butta

by Charlotte Jusinski Ever have a whole chunk of time at work go so smoothly you barely have to think about [...]

A Long Time Coming

By Charlotte Jusinski When I look at the table of contents of this issue of El Pal, one word immediately [...]

Memento Mori

By Charlotte Jusinski My dog died during the production of this magazine. Maybe it’s not standard for these [...]

Look Southward

By Charlotte Jusinski It’s not terribly easy to plan and execute a magazine in a zeitgeist like this. I’m [...]

Passing the Mic

By Charlotte Jusinski What’s the point of a magazine? More specifically, what’s the point of this [...]

Self-Guided Learning

By Charlotte Jusinski One bright day back in December, I was sitting at a wobbly wooden table at Michael’s [...]

Make It New

BY CHARLOTTE JUSINSKI Do you smell that?Yeah, me too. It smells like a 2020 model car, fresh off the lot. Or [...]
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