Summer 2013

Peter Sarkisian

BY LAURA ADDISON Artist Peter Sarkisian has said that he is more interested in questions than answers. The [...]

Back In The Saddle

BY JOSEPH TRAUGOTT Horses have always served as potent symbols of the West for easterners as well as locals. [...]

They Wove for Horses:

BY JOYCE BEGAY-FOSS Before the arrival of the horse, foot travel was a constant challenge for the Diné and [...]

Learning the Ropes:

BY RICK HENDRICKS Rope is one of man’s oldest tools. Almost every culture on Earth twisted animal hair, [...]

The Work of Art

BY CARMELLA PADILLA As refugees, [Joy] Ndungutse and [Janet] Nkubana were among the lucky. Both educated and [...]

Shot Clock

BY PENELOPE HUNTER-STIEBEL This clock haunted me from the first time I saw it. If I had been in an art museum [...]
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